AAFM ®  American Academy of Financial Management ®

Certifying Board & Accreditation Council

The AAFM ® Board is the 1st to articulate directly with accreditation agencies, double accredited & government recognized business schools, Accredited Law Schools, and MBA programs worldwide for higher standards..


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Wall Street Journal - AAFM ® Board of Standards - Certification Accreditation

The AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ®  has been referenced by the Wall Street Journal on 3 occasions, and now the official certification requirements are disclosed and featured on the WSJ.


The AAFM ®  and its accredited educational requirements have been published by the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal refers to the AAFM ®  certifications as backed by Double Accredited education and also as "FINRA Monitored".  Double accreditation is the highest calibre for business schools in the United States such as ACBSP and AACSB accredited programs of which the AAFM official recognizes these accreditation agencies.  The WSJ specifically references that the AAFM requires accredited program degrees and exams.


Here are some of the Certifications and Designations featured or listed on the Wall Street Journal Articles and Guide to Financial Designations. 


CWM ®  Certified/Chartered Wealth Manger - AAFM ® Charter

CTEP ™ Chartered Trust and Estate Planner - AAFM ® Charter

CAM ™ Chartered/Certified Asset Manager - AAFM ® Charter  

CPM ™ Certified/Chartered Portfolio Manager - AAFM ® Charter

RFS ™ Registered Financial Specialist or MFM™ - AAFM ® Charter

CMA ™ Chartered Market Analyst ™ - Financial Analyst Designate - AAFM® Charter and Designation

CCA ™ Chartered Compliance Analyst - IBS Charter & AAFM® Charter

CRA ™ Chartered/Certified Risk Analyst - IBS Charter & AAFM® Charter

ChE Chartered Economist  - IBS Charter & AAFM® Charter


See Full Reference Guide to WSJ citations to  Governmental FINRA Reference Designations.
Financial Analyst Certified Investment Asset Manager Professional Planner AAFM Linked In International Board of Standards Accreditation Certification Financial Analyst Financial Planner Wealth Manager Accreditation Commission Certified Wealth Manager Financial Planner Financial Analyst