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The American Academy of Financial Management™ Board of Standards has officially recognized (on Feb. 11th, 2003) AACSB International ™ Accredited Business Schools. Any graduate who is awarded a Finance Degree from one of the 400+ AACSB International ™ Recognized College or Business Schools Worldwide will be eligible for the MFP™ Master Financial Professional Designation after meeting the requirements of experience, ethics and continuing education.

The AACSB International ™ is the global leader in Global Business Education Accreditation Standards. The AACSB has over 400 member business schools worldwide who offer business school education with financial training. To read about International Accreditation go to the AACSB™ The Association to advance Collegiate Schools of Business™. The AAFM Board of Standards Worldwide has great respect for the AACSB International™, and the AACSB has welcomed the recognition by the American Academy of Financial Management™. AAFM™ is pleased to reach a mutual acknowledgment.© 2003

Prof. George Mentz, US President of AAFM™ stated, "This relationship has great meaning because AACSB Accredited Business Schools offer superior financial education as compared to any other training.

Milton Blood, Managing Director of AACSB International™ Accreditation Services stated, "We are pleased with the recognition from AAFM on the quality represented on AACSB™ accredited business education.



Excerpts from AAFM's Official Letter...

Dear AACSB™ Officials

As US President of the American Academy of Financial Management ™, I am writing you to personally address an issue that has been voted on by our Board.

Our AAFM Board of Standards Members from the US, EU and Asia has voted to recognize all AACSB Business Schools that offer finance degrees as appropriate training for the AAFM Financial Certification MFP Master Financial Professional ™ .

This means that any finance major who graduates from an AACSB™ accredited business school would be eligible for the MFP Master Financial Professional ™ Board Certification and Designation provided that the candidate meets the experience, GPA, ethics, good standing and continuing education guidelines of the American Academy.

AAFM™ has members in 100 countries and is expanding around the world as the fastest growing Global Financial and Wealth Management Training and Certification Organization. With our exclusive relationships with organizations worldwide, we are set to have membership of over 50,000 by the end of 2004. Moreover, AAFM™ has just become the first financial certification training to be officially sanctioned and recognized by the Chinese Government. This is something that no other financial organization has done.

AAFM's official position is that AACSB™ Internationally Accredited Business School Training is of the highest quality and is superior to other training. Our AAFM™ Board of Standards contains PhDs and Financial Executives from around the world with our AAFM™ Headquarters in Hong Kong this year.

Sincerely and Kindest Regards, George

George S. Mentz, JD, MBA, RFA/FAD, CEC
Attorney at Law
AAFM Board of Standards Worldwide













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