AAFM ®  American Academy of Financial Management ®

Certifying Board & Accreditation Council

The AAFM ® Board is the 1st to articulate directly with accreditation agencies, double accredited & government recognized business schools, Accredited Law Schools, and MBA programs worldwide for higher standards..


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AAFM ® Board of Standards Benefits


Benefits of Certification from AAFM ™ International Board of Standards USA

  • Gain Recognition from The Professional Global Certifying Body and Accreditation Council.
  • Use of Board Certified Post Nominals and Designations after your name on your Business Card and on your Promotional Materials.
  • Achieve the designation that rewards you for your professional education, hard work and experience.
  • Protect your job by achieving recognition from: an independent, vendor neutral, recognized and global authority
  • Enhance your digital resume a key membership and industry recognized certification.
  • You can add AAFM ® to your Resume, Degree or Professional Licenses & Improve your professional image and salary potential
  • Request to Publish Research on our journal, publications, or website as a Certified Member.
  • Assist the AAFM with its work helping governments, charity and NGOs.
  • Become a member and registered user of our private online network, alerts, communications and job tools.
  • Engage recognized continuing education to boost your knowledge and CE Credits.
  • Obtain CPE continuing education easily from any of the 560 business schools that we recognize
  • Join our Global Members network
  • Members in more than 150 Countries with Global AACSB ACBSP Professional Membership and Articulation Alliances
  • The AAFM ® Board has international alliances with Leading Associations in the Arab World, Asia, Africa, India, China, Asia, Singapore and more.
  • The AAFM ® Official Approved Annual Conference is a TOP Global Conference on International Money, Tax, and Market Issues.  Events
  • Top Faculty from around the world are AAFM Members, Global Advisors and Fellows. See: Board
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