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Accredited Certification and Training Programs.  ISO Certified 9001 and ISO Certified 29990 for Training.   Professional Menber of the CHEA Quality Group.

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SINCE 1996 - The First Graduate Financial Professional Designation Programs - The International Board of Standards is the first global society to integrate certification, accredited education and exams as a direct path to achieving finance and management certification.   In this competitive world, accredited education and certification is becoming required to achieve the top jobs. The IBS Board of Standards  framework is based on the AIF American Institute of Finance which was Established in 1919 in Boston by Harvard and Yale University Professors.

Our Accreditations and Designations -  If you have an earned accredited degree with experience, you may apply directly and SEND YOUR RESUME -  Apply Today. 

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Our Top Certifications as Disclosed and Seen in the FINRA NASD Guides for over a decade are:  MFP Master Financial Planner ™, CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ™,  CAM Chartered Asset Manager ™,  CPM Chartered Porfolio Manager ™,  CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner ™,  RFS Registered Financial Specialist ™,  and CMA Chartered Market Analyst ™.

CWM Chartered  Wealth Manager ®

To be a Chartered Wealth Manager ® , you must have an accredited masters degree in Finance or Wealth Management with at least 18 hours of graduate studies within an accredited Masters or Doctorate Program.

CWM Certification - Requirements:  Eligible candidates must successfully complete at least one of the following:

  1. Five or more approved and related courses from an  ACBSP   or AACSB accredited business school or AAFM sanctioned program or  AAFM Executive Certification  program.

  2. Experience: 2 Years of Wealth Management Experience 
  3. Continuing Education 
  4. Ethics - agree to the ethics requirements of the Society. 

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To become Accredited as a Financial Planner, you must have a degree in financial planning with at least 18 hours of graduate studies.

MFP Certification - Requirements:

  1. Five or more approved finance courses from an  ACBSP   or AACSB accredited business school or AAFM executive program. 
  2. Experience: 2 Years of financial consulting  experience.
  3. Continuing Education 
  4. Ethics - agree to the ethics requirements of the Society. 

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The International Board of Standards offers professional designations in: Wealth Management - Risk Management - Management Accounting - Financial Planning - Economics - Portfolio Management - Asset Management - Trust and Estates and more. Read our  requirements.  Our chapters are part of a non-profit association.


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A Message from the GAFM Chairman -Dr.jur. George Mentz on Global Standards and Accredited Education 

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 "If you place one seed of truth on a particular side of the cosmic scale, it can sway the entire balance of power in a new  direction". - Dr. Jur. George Mentz  Editor of the Magazine of Wall Street Est. 1907

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